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Established 2001

Client Feedback


“The amount of time, energy, and support that Kate and Dr. Sheehan provided to our family and friends for our family Intervention was impressive. A family friend who also worked with ICM referred us and said they were the best. They were not wrong. For the first time in over twenty years, I finally have some hope for my wife and our family.”

  • J.N.- Sante Fe, New Mexico

“My experience with the interventionists at ICM was very positive, and we had a very good outcome. My brothers Intervention was organized and professional, and Kate was able to reach him in a way I could have not anticipated. The team at ICM is very professional, caring, and they clearly know what they are doing. I don’t wish this problem for anyone, ever, but I can say that if anyone HAS to do a family Intervention, ICM is who you want on your side.”

  • B.B- Short Hills, NJ.

“ I can highly recommend ICM Associates and Kate Caravella for any family who needs an intervention to help their family member. Our son has suffered from addiction and anxiety for many years, and it nearly destroyed him, and my husband and my marriage. No matter what we tried, Matt would not admit he needed more help. ICM took their time with us, helped us work out all the details, and were firm when we needed it, and we never felt less then 100 percent supported. They guided us from start to finish. I am forever grateful.”

-S.T- Stillwater,  MN. 

“Kate is just brilliant. My husband was unwell and our options seemed quite limited. When we aligned with Kate and her ICM team we thought our distress about our niece would never end. Kate has been a source of never ending support. You must use ICM if you have the unfortunate need.”

  • E.H, London, UK.

Our family's experience with ICM Associates was excellent. They are kind, caring and efficient people & they are highly skilled at what they do. They follow through on what-ever they promise. Their success rate is very high. They have a good knowledge of what facilities would be best for the client. They have continued to keep in touch with our family and they obviously love their work. I would highly recommend them."

-E.O, Maryland

“Our company retained executive Intervention services for a valued member of our management team in 2018. Initially we were skeptical of how this would all work, and what his response would be. I need not have worried. Dr. Sheehan, Kate Caravella and the entire ICM team are obviously very experienced and skilled. They worked with our executive team, our HR department, and streamlined a process that felt manageable to us all. They found a program for our team member which allowed him to stay connected to his work, worked with his family to help them navigate through the emotional and family part of it all, and coached our team in how to help the recovery process. It has been over a year, and with his hard work and the guidance we received have all culminated in a stronger management team and an improved productively level”. 

  • M.A- Philadelphia, PA. 


Clinical Care Management

"The team at ICM saved my mother's life, literally. We had no idea how to get her help for her drinking or where to turn. Without their guidance and support, I am not sure where we would have ended up or how. Thank you!

- J. S, NY,  NY

“When, at those times when I was an emotionally overwhelmed mom, facing dark times full of fear and confusion, Kate was always able to provide calming personal support and direction needed to make “the next step”.

- K.C, Greenville, NC

“Sarah is amazing! She helped me when I needed it the most and always comes up with creative ways to get me refocused. She helps my mother and I to have a better relationship, and I am finally where I need to be.”

- C. W, St. Petersburg, Florida 

"We live in New Jersey and had relocated our son to Florida. Our son has some maturity issues and is not always responsible with his time and finances. We were referred to ICM Associates and from day one, we were thrilled.. ICM gave us such peace of mind. He was getting to his appointments, staying on track with is other responsibilities. It was such a a relief. When you are a parent and your child is so far away and you cannot always just jump on a plane to help him out, it was a relief to know that someone else was there. If it wasn't for ICM Associates, I was afraid that our son would have been so lost and out of touch with his responsibilities. I would recommend this organization to anyone. I would use them in the future if the occasion arose. Thank you so much for the continued support your provided to our son and the peace of mind you gave to us." 

- G.S, Westfield, New Jersey

“I cannot say enough about my clinical care Kate. She was my guide, my sounding board, and my advocate. Her laid back approach was kind and non-threatening and very much what I needed at the time. I have referred friends and family to her and all have agreed that she is professional and puts the needs of her clients before all else". 

- T.R, Clearwater, Fl.

"The entire ICM team needs to be commended for their hardwork, dedication, and professionalism in working with difficult clients. My 25 year old son suffers from addiction and Bipolar disorder. He spent a great many years in treatment programs and despite how hard he seemed to try, was never able to fully recovery and stay stable. ICM agreed to work with him when others told us there was no hope. Not only did they help him get him where he needed to be, they gave us (and still do!) ongoing support. His case manager developed a team of professionals who are experts in their field and we all worked together to help my son get to where he is today; happy and healthy, one day at a time!"

- L.M, Austin, Texas

"When my sister finally agreed to go into rehab me and my family immediately started trying to find a good one for her. We went online and were overwhelmed, we knew that the program had to a good one because although she agreed to go into rehab, she was still in denial about her eating disorder. We were afraid we would make the wrong decision. We were referred by a co-worker of mine to ICM Associates and they said they had a similar problem and ICM handled it well. I spoke with Kate and she was able to do a Skype assessment with my sister the next day. Within three days my sister was on a plane and in the best program available to her. Without this service and without ICM, we could have continued to struggle for so much longer- luckily, we did not have too. Thanks Kate!" 

- M.M, Atlanta,  Georgia

"Our son bounced from one rehab to the next, from one sober living place to the next, and he saw countless therapists that tried to help him with all of his mental health and drug addiction issues. We found ICM in Delray Beach and the staff there immediately referred us to the best of the best in the area. They formulated a plan for him and for us and carried it through. In 8 years, our son and our family has never known such stability. Jack was not hopeless as so many suggested, and neither were we. He just needed more than most. His case management skillfully addressed the outside areas that were not being addressed prior. Now, we are able to be a team as a family and work with his team. We would recommend ICM to anyone to has had similar experiences. 

- L.T, C.T, Richmond, Virginia

"ICM helped us with our son, who faces many challenges. Kate and her staff were so helpful in coordinating our family efforts to help our son while insulating my husband and me in the day to day confrontations that had us worn down. ICM was also valuable in researching and applying for available community resources."

- F.L, Coral Springs, Florida

"Over eight years ago, a friend recommended Kate Caravella of ICM Associates to help with our son who is now 41. He was at a low point having just attempted suicide. Over the past six years, our son experienced serious relapses in his battle with Cocaine. He has been jailed several times; has been jobless; was begging for money; slept out in the open and ate in bread lines. Kate and her associates have always been there for us guiding us and our son along. It has not been an easy journey. I am happy to report that our son finally appears to be on the right track. He is better than he has ever been. Kate and her associates are continuing to counsel our son to help him along a path to a career. My husband and I understand that addiction is a lifetime battle. We know Kate will continue to be our source of guidance in future years if necessary". 

- J.F, Tampa, Florida

"I am a professional who deals with addiction issues and,therefore, know many providers throughout the country. When my own daughter developed an eating disorder, I turned to ICM for help. Kate went above and beyond the call of duty to direct my daughter into the right treatment program and all of the other support systems that were needed. She found affordable housing for my daughter while she was undergoing outpatient treatment, monitored the entire treatment team, and was invaluable in helping to navigate the insurance and health provider red tape. Of all the many professionals involved in my daughter's road back to recovery, Kate was by far the most important player. I have since recommended her services, without reservation, to several other families needing help".

- M.K, Redington Beach, Florida

“I do not have the words to adequately express how grateful I am that I found ICM Associates when I did. Sarah and Kate have been wonderful and go over and beyond the call of duty. When I met them, I was a mess, and so out of control. I had no Hope and was barely functioning. Two years later, I am a functioning, healthy, and productive member of society. I have my family back and I have hope for my future. Thank God that my father found them when he did or I may not be alive to write this. Thank you! 

  • G.D, Tampa, Florida